Eyewear VTO

Realistically Depicted Eyewear

Image Metrics is the world leader in eyewear virtual try on solutions. Our technology works across the broadest spectrum of iOS and Android devices and is available for web applications. We render your products beautifully at a photo-realistic quality that must be seen to be believed.

Augmented Reality Rebuilt for You

Unmatched realism–lifelike product rendering and simulation, with dynamic adjustment to environmental light–helps drive conversions and reduce product returns. Embed our AR experience into your app for customers to conveniently access mobile AR try-on in seconds, anywhere, anytime. Integrate our best-in-class Virtual Try-On technology into your existing cosmetics catalog.

Augmented Reality Delivered

Engage customers, increase sales & brand awareness in real-time with cross platform, award-winning Augmented Reality. We equip you with a custom AR platform while you maintain control of your brand image.

Make Your Brand Come To Life

Unmatched realism helps drive conversions and reduce product returns

Embed our AR experience into your app for customers to conveniently access mobile AR try-on in seconds, anywhere, anytime

Our technology allows you to gain awareness of product trends, performance & consumer interests

Show off your brand with easy to use in-store virtual mirrors with video feed display technology for storefront or key high-traffic locations

SDK Technology Features

• Lightweight easily integrated framework
• Quick launch AR applies eyewear instantly
• No user set up needed
• Supports iOS and Android
• Real-time, up to 60fps on mobile
• Supports +/- 90 degrees head rotation
• Realistic product rendering & simulation


Platform Features

• Pre-built user interface
• Social sharing
• Snapshot and record
• Built-in web services
• Analytics

Ways To Deploy

Our technology can be deployed in a number of convenient ways

Mobile App

Supports a wide range of iOS and Android devices

Web AR (Soon)

Run in browser experiences on mobile and PC

In-store AR Mirror

Deploy to stores or location based events


Setup is a breeze

Easily Embed into Your App

Your developer can integrate into your app without additional engineering, minimizing time & cost

Embeds into any experience seamlessly by connecting with your existing eyewear catalog.